Management Coaching

Management means: ‘to influence the behavior of an employee or group of employees in order to realise certain objectives.’

This can be done by means of steering, planning, organising and monitoring. Or through support, listening, coaching, advising and supporting.

The most difficult aspect of management is motivating employees. A good set of leadership and management skills is indispensable for this. These can be:

  • Situational management
  • Preparing a successful business plan
  • Coaching
  • Delegating
  • Having motivational performance conversations
  • Conducting effective evaluation interviews
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Teambuilding and organisation of learning events
  • Managing with the trust formula
  • Getting started with vulnerability
  • Management with the personality typologies (Insights / DISC / MBTI)
  • What is ‘consultation’?
  • Managing respectfully and motivatingly
  • Bad news and difficult messages – how do I start?
  • Dialoging and communicating in leadership
  • Influencing managing your team

Many team leader and management coachings are tailor-made and could be a combination of different forms: training, personal coaching, soundboard conversations, e-coaching via skype, telephone or email, ….

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