Commercial skills

“Selling” is of all times. We may call it different from time to time, but often it revolves around a number of key skills that make you successful as a sales representative, consultant, account manager or salesperson.

  • What is a “smart” and “successful” business development strategy?
  • The best ways to tackle your prospecting
  • What is a sales cycle and how does it work? How do I align it on a purchase cycle?
  • What are the 5 classical phases during a commercial conversation and how do I excel in each phase
  • The ‘Solution Selling’ methodology was cast in a dynamic workshop
  • ‘Closing the deal’ – how do you approach this. Best practices with regard to closing techniques
  • The ‘rules of engagement’ explained during negotiations
  • The difference between “interests” and “positions”
  • The Thomas and Killman model as a radar during negotiations
  • What is a win/win-result and how do you achieve it?
  • What is your ‘batna’ and ‘zopa’ – two important negotiating concepts explained
  • Closing techniques unraveled
  • REPutation: “the Reason Everybody Pays”
  • The three major fears that lead to turbid communication

The courses are offered in the classroom way but also in (personal) coaching processes, E-coaching modules or a Keynote.

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