Train the Virtual Trainer

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Online facilitation of training courses, meetings or workshops has become an important new skill in recent months. One that is still unknown to many.

Of course, we all quickly discovered the possibilities of video calling via Zoom or MS TEAMS (Skype), but dynamic, interactive and fun facilitation goes much further! The possibilities are virtually endless.

Would you like to learn how you can train, facilitate and meet online in a fun, (inter)active and activating way?

Are you looking for fun techniques and methods to give a positive energy to your training, workshops and communication in these challenging times? Do you want to increase the learning effect of your online interventions?

Experience, taste and experiment during two half days with working methods and techniques to facilitate your training, workshops and meetings online in an activating way.

The program below can be perfectly adapted to a program tailored to your team, company or specific objectives.

Have a look at the video that contains a personal explanation:


Below some reactions from participants who already followed this training:

  • Thanks for the training. It was very useful. We are already on the right path but thanks to this session we can quickly go to the next level. I learned a lot during all sessions but especially the last one with the case was, thanks to all feedback, a killer for us. loved it.
  • Tom animated the training very well. This training will really help me to improve myself in presenting virtual training sessions in the future.
  • De opleiding had een duidelijke structuur en werd enthousiast gebracht.
  • De trainer zorgde voor een goede afwisseling tussen het geven van info en interactie met de deelnemers.

Session 1 – half day


  • Start-up
  • Agreements

Part 1 – Managing yourself and your environment

  • What skills do we need to be able to facilitate virtually?
  • What works best with these skills? What do you want to practice?
  • What does the ideal environment (desk, office,) look like for a virtual facilitator?
  • Which ones do you already have, which ones do you still want?
  • What is the point of a possible co-facilitator?

Part 2 – Managing your digital session

  • Design of your virtual session
  • Building a new session
  • Digitising an existing workshop/training
  • Deployment and use of Online Learning Activities
  • Digital “Learning Journeys” – your virtual session as part of a journey
  • Starter and dessert digital snack in your virtual journey.

Session 2 – half day

Part 3 – Managing your digital tools

  • Which parameters have an impact on the choice of your digital tool/platform?
  • Three major facilitation platforms
    • Platforms for Virtual Meetings including examples and demo.
    • Platforms for Virtual Classrooms including examples and demo.
    • Platforms for Webinars including examples and demo.
  • Technical “Toolbox for emergencies”!
    • 20 technical tips and tricks
    • What can go wrong?
    • How do I prevent this?
    • How do I fix it?

Part 4 – Managing your participants


  • Intakes
  • Instructions and help
  • Introduction and explanation of the tool used


  • Co-facilitator?
  • Waiting lobby and online intro assignments
  • Attendance?
  • Tour/test of the tool?
  • Modus operandi and agreements on communication. Be human to homeworkers.
  • Learn to “swim online”


  • Closing process
  • Action plans and/or agreements
  • Downloading of necessary documents
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Launching the personal assignments by session 3.


Session 3 – half day

  • Assignments are presented by the participants through a mini workshop of their own facility.
  • Feedback by everyone through specific learning activity.
  • General Q&A
  • Feedback and evaluation.



These sessions take place in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom and are always safe, yet dynamic and highly interactive. So, no classic webinars. We alternate theory with practice and exercises. Always starting from the expectations of the participants.

Request more information or a demo of our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom!