The 5 Dysfunctions of Virtual Teams

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Already in 2018, we had an increasing demand for team coaching for Virtual Teams. Back then from a decentralisation point of view and mobility issues, today of course by Covid-19.

At the end of March 2020 all teams had to work together virtually in a few weeks’ time.

In the beginning all goes well. The platforms we use at Trixolutions are becoming better known, everyone is using Zoom and Skype. From the virtual coffee breaks to the virtual aperos, each team tries to manage on its own in the beginning.

But then they start to realise that virtual collaboration does not happen automatically; it is different, more difficult and the first cracks begin to appear.

Over the past 3 years we have therefore converted the well-known Lencioni Pyramid, specifically for virtual teams. Converted the specific Lencioni exercises to online variants. Rewritten the layers specifically for virtual teams including of course new and other pitfalls that arise.

We therefore still guide virtual teams in the different layers and look at:

  • Building trust in Virtual Teams
  • (Learning to) have respectful conflicts in Virtual Teams
  • Creating team commitment in Virtual Teams
  • Inciting accountability in Virtual Teams
  • Achieving result orientation in Virtual Teams



These sessions take place in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom and are always safe, yet dynamic and highly interactive. So, no classic webinars. We alternate theory with practice and exercises. Always starting from the expectations of the participants.

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