Hybrid working

Is your organisation also busy writing and organising a post-corona work policy? And is there one word that comes back: “hybrid”? Hybrid as in: in the office and not in the office, as in synchronous and asynchronous, as in online and offline, …

The new hybrid work requires a renewed approach, skills and building blocks. This program of 9 interactive sessions will train you as an employee, team member, team leader or manager in the skills and building blocks you will need to be successful in the future of the ‘New Way of Hybrid Working’.

Before we start: what is ‘hybrid’ for you?

Hybrid (self)leadership

Module 1 – hybrid key skills

  • Flexibility. Working the same way every day and at the same times, that’s over. Flexibility is more than ever a must.
  • Technology. Interest in and skills to use tools, platforms and technological functionalities to facilitate hybrid working.
  • Facilitation. It used to be an art, now all the more so. Involving your employees or colleagues in processes, debate, brainstorms and decisions ensures the necessary involvement.
  • Building trust. An absolute prerequisite for a good collaboration, but how do you do that in a hybrid form?
  • Managing on output. Result-oriented work, how do you systematically tackle this?

Module 2 – Mastering hybrid communication

  • Live vs virtual communication. Differences between the two modes of communication. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Hybrid communication matrix. The right communication in the right form in the right way via the right medium? The matrix is your assistant.
  • Kill the ‘elephants’. Elephants are emerging and growing faster in remote or hybrid work environments. It’s up to us to get them on the table faster!
  • Focus on over-communication. Over-communication to ensure clarity.

Module 3 – Be a Connector

  • Connecting Matrix. What can we do to ‘connect’ online/offline, synchronous/asynchronous’?
  • Network and inspire to network. Maintain your internal visibility, but also look over your own wall, also a must do!
  • Pro-Activity. Pro-activity as an essential competence to connect in hybrid work environments.

Hybrid teamwork

Module 4 – Put ‘trust’ on the table

  • Formula of trust (+ assessment). Get started with the ‘formula of trust’.
  • Hybrid/Remote working effect on trust. What impact does hybrid/remote working have on ‘trust’?
  • Hybrid work on trust. How do we increase trust in our hybrid collaboration?

Module 5 – Rewrite your ‘hybrid team clarity’

  • The hybrid clarity questions. To increase your internal hybrid ‘clarity’, you will be presented with 6 clarity questions.
  • How to guard and reinforce clarity. How do we guard and reinforce the created clarity?

Module 6 – Installing ownership and accountability

  • Ownership in a virtual/remote/hybrid environment. Perpetuate ownership in a specific way? Here you will learn how.
  • Creating an accountability culture. Hold each other accountable and give feedback in a hybrid collaboration, what are the do’s and don’ts?

Hybrid Wellbeing

Module 7 – Working from home

  • Managing your home (office). Setting up and managing your workplace in the right way turns out to be crucial. Here we discuss the best tips and tricks.
  • Managing yourself . Distraction, Isolation, Procrastination, Losing Overview, … and more of these pitfalls are better avoided. If you know them, you’ll be better at dealing with them.

Module 8 – Focus on belonging

  • Purpose. In our more complex hybrid partnerships, we soon no longer see and feel why we do what we do. It’s important to focus on this. But how do you do that in concrete terms?
  • Relevance. Alone at home or alone in the office? We usually only see our own “shop”, “project” or “assignment”. But do we still see how this is linked to the bigger picture? With the team goals?

Module 9 – Balance your agility and adaptability

  • Resilience. Your resilience will be a success factor of your hybrid collaboration with others or in a team. Here we look at how these can strengthen.
  • Adaptability. Just like your adaptability, here we look at the 5 components that you best observe to strengthen yourself in this.

We will be glad to further develop these sessions in co-creation with you!


These sessions take place in your office, in an external location or (partially) in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom and are always safe, yet dynamic and highly interactive.

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