Leading at a distance

To help managers and team leaders deal with the challenges of virtual teams, we have developed a virtual mini learning path at Trixolutions.
This consists of 5 dazzling and interactive mini workshops in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom.

Will virtual collaborating continue to work?

We conducted a survey with our customers to identify the 10 biggest pitfalls that virtual team leaders see:

  1. Keeping the team engaged and motivated
  2. Communication
  3. Stimulating the creativity of the team
  4. Holding team members accountable
  5. Dealing with conflicts
  6. Managing on output
  7. Collaborating around a clear set of values and goals
  8. Building trust
  9. Achieving the results on time and within the budget
  10. Valuing and exploiting cultural differences

To help managers to tackle these challenges and to arm themselves and their team against them, Trixolutions has developed a virtual mini learning path.

This consists of 5 dazzling and interactive mini workshops in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom

Introduction and start-up

  • Embracing the new virtual reality.
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges.
  • What it takes to manage a virtual team.
  • Embracing the challenges – The 5 pitfalls of virtual teams.

Session 1 – Building a Virtual Team

  • Setting up your team for virtual success.
  • Structuring and assembling your team. Including virtual onboarding.
  • Ensuring healthy and happy team members who work from home.
  • Kick-off of a virtual team and project start-up.

Session 2 – Start with trust and connection

  • What is your Virtual Leadership Trust Scorecard?
  • Creating trust and connection. (+ link with Lencioni)
  • Building a culture of connection.
  • Connection with homeworkers (+ link Insights Discovery)

Session 3 – Healthy communication in a virtual team

  • Creating a healthy communication environment.
  • Feedback.
  • What to do in the event of a conflict? (+ link with Lencioni)

Session 4 – Engagement, ownership and commitment in a virtual team

  • Creating engagement, ownership and commitment (+ link with Lencioni)
  • Holding virtual meetings that have an impact.
  • Etiquette rules during a meeting.
  • Having a meaningful team purpose.
  • Setting clear goals and expectations.
  • Building your roadmap together with team agreements.

Session 5 – Managing the “output” in a virtual team

  • Managing the capacity or output
  • Process and commitment assessment for homeworkers.
  • Tools and platforms.

We will be glad to further develop these sessions in co-creation with you!


These sessions take place in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom and are always safe, yet dynamic and highly interactive. So, no classic webinars. We alternate theory with practice and exercises. Always starting from the expectations of the participants.

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