Top Digital Trainings

Leading at a distance

To help managers and team leaders deal with the challenges of virtual teams, we have developed a virtual mini learning path at Trixolutions.

This consists of 7 dazzling and interactive mini workshops in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom.

  • Building a virtual team
  • Start with trust and connection
  • Healthy communication in a Virtual Team
  • Engagement, ownership and commitment in a Virtual Team
  • Managing on output in a Virtual Team
  • Problem solving in a Virtual Team

The 5 Dysfunctions of Virtual Teams

In the beginning, digital collaboration goes well…. Everyone on Zoom and MS TEAMS (Skype). From the virtual coffee breaks to the virtual aperos, each team tries to manage on its own in the beginning.

But then they start to realise that virtual collaboration does not happen automatically; it is different, more difficult and the first cracks begin to appear….

  • Building trust in Virtual Teams.
  • (Learning to) have respectful conflicts.
  • Creating team commitment.
  • Inciting accountability.
  • Achieving result orientation.

Train the Virtual Trainer

Involving and engaging participants in digital trainings, workshops and meetings in an attractive and interactive way has become a new important skill.

In our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom we guide our participants in the tricks of the trade!

  • Prior intake with all participants.
  • Intro and start-up.
  • Managing yourself and your environment.
  • Managing your digital session.
  • Managing your digital tools.
  • Managing your (virtual) participants.
  • Personal assignments and feedback.