Hoe gebruik je content voor sales?

In recent years, Trixolutions has specialized more and more as “Trust Builders”, an expert in helping people, teams and organizations to become stronger and better at mutual trust.

After all, this appears to be the most important basic element and foundation in skills such as team coaching, leadership, advising, convincing and inspiring.

Trust is a relative, personal and subjective concept. This makes it just as difficult to make it tangible and workable.

Nevertheless, D. Maister and CH Green succeeded in drawing up a “Formula of Trust”.

This formula is based on 4 variables that represent the intensity of the confidence level. The assessment therefore measures your strength in these 4 variables.

These four variables are: credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-interest. They cover most of the meanings of trust in daily business interactions, and they are combined in the formula of trust.

Simply put, if you increase credibility, reliability and intimacy (the variables in the numerator), your reliability increases. The flip side is that when your self-interest (the denominator) increases, your reliability drops.

To be particularly reliable, you must score well on all four variables in the formula. The more consistent the scores of your variables are, the higher your overall trust quotient.