Assessment and Development Centers

In this ‘War for Talent’ you better not make mistakes when it comes to recruiting or moving employees.

Not only the right man / woman in the right place is important, but also the further development path is crucial to attract and retain the best human capital.

Foundation Assessment of Development Center

Trixolutions pays attention to the context of the job and the expectations for the future. The competencies arise from the competency profile drawn up by HR and / or the N + 1 of the participant.
The participant is immersed throughout the Assessment of Development Center in realistic and truthful situations in which he receives specific assignments that are relevant to the job and the challenges ahead. The culture and context of the customer is hereby included.

Design Assessment of Development Center

The Assessment of Development Center is built up in a matrix structure:

  • The competencies to be evaluated
  • Used tools to evaluate the competences

Each competence is evaluated in at least 2 different ways in order to guarantee objectivity.

Overview of possible tools

  • STARR Interview
  • Personality questionnaire (eg OPQ (SHL) or other Ixly)
  • Motivation questionnaire
  • CareerCoach © as an alternative to personality questionnaire and motivation questionnaire – Interviewing career values, career attitudes and energy stress balance
  • In basket exercise*
  • Simulation exercise – leadership / sales

* In basket exercise: The participant is placed within a fictitious context and is asked to manage a mailbox from the function he practices. The information and discussed topics are very diverse. The participant is asked to organise the work, to set priorities, to define actions and to make decisions.

All of the above can also be extended with personality assessments.

For more than 30 years, millions of people have used personality assessments and tools to learn more about themselves and others. The basis of personal and professional success lies in knowing yourself, understanding others and understanding the impact of your behavior and communication.

These assessments can help managers and employees to understand their behavior better, to learn how and when to adjust their behavior, to make their communication more effective, to value differences, to improve individual and team performances and to avoid conflict situations.

It helps coaches, managers and salesmen to be more effective in their daily activities with their employees, participants or customers

Some assessments we work with are Insights, DISC, MBTI …