Open Workshops

Open Workshops – Lencioni Deep Dives / Level 2 and Level 3

In 2 half days we will go deeper into the 4 other successful models of Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group.

In addition to his pyramid from the ‘The 5 frustrations of teamwork’ that we discuss in the Lencioni Coach-the-Coach Masterclass – Level 1, Lencioni has released some other very powerful models and methodologies that coaches and consultants can use in team guidance and team coaching programs.

Level 2 – Personal Level

  • The Ideal Team Player
  • The 6 Types of Working Genius

Level 3 – Team Level

  • The Decisive Lead
  • Death by Meeting

Free open digital info sessions – 01/03 (NL) and 02/03 (EN)

To give you the opportunity to discover our 5 top digital trainings we organise 5 free info sessions on Monday 1 March (Dutch info sessions) and on Tuesday 2 March (English info sessions).

  • 09u30 – 10u30: Train-the-Virtual Trainer – Learn to facilitate online
  • 11u00 – 12u00: Create your own E-Learning with Articulate/Storyline
  • 13u30 – 14u30: Leading at a Distance
  • 15u00 – 16u00: Lencioni Coach-the-Coach
  • 16u30 – 17u30: The 6 Types of Working Genius (new peronality assessment from Lencioni)