Open workshop Lencioni Coach-the-Coach / Level 1

Een gezond team - Lencioni

In this two-day training you will learn to guide teams from “smart” to “healthy” via Patrick Lencioni’s successful Lencioni Pyramid.

Not the operational and strategic strengths of a team are decisive … but the internal health of this team will be the competitive advantage in the future.

The Partnership between Trixolutions and Patrick Lencioni

Trixolutions is in the Benelux exclusive member of Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group. (CAPA Pro).

In the Lencioni CAPA Pro Academy we are guided, coached and trained on a weekly basis in the different Lencioni models, assessments and applications by Patrick Lencioni and his consultants themselves. This knowledge, combined with more than 200 team trajectories on the counter, makes us the ideal partner to raise your Lencioni knowledge to the highest level.

Not the operational and strategic strengths of a team are decisive … but the strength and health of this team will be the ultimate competitive advantage in the future.
~ P. Lencioni

The power of a healthy team lies mainly in the ability of team members to build trust, to be able to have respectful conflicts with each other, to feel committed to the team, to dare to hold each other accountable and to be able to work in a result-oriented way.

Tom is happy to pass on his “Lencioni experience backpack” to his participants. Get to know him in the video below.

Which Questions will we Answer for You?

Do you have questions like:

  • How do I work on a healthy team culture with this model?
  • Which (extra) Lencioni exercises are there to work with teams in the different layers of the Pyramid?
  • What other “models” can the Pyramid be combined with?
  • How do I use the full team assessment correctly?
  • What are the different steps in a Lencioni team coaching programme?
  • Which skills do I need?
  • Where can I find help if I get stuck in a team process?
  • ….

Lencioni Coach-the-Coach Masterclass

Open Masterclass of Two Days

€ 1.390,00

  • Thursday, 19/06/2023 – Friday, 20/06/2023   |   from 9AM to 5PM

4 – 10 participants

Target Group

This training is intended for anyone who wants to use Patrick Lencioni’s proven and successful insights in his/her team or organisation.


Our virtual courses are always safe, yet dynamic and interactive. We alternate theory with practice and exercises. Always starting from the expectations of the participants


A location will be shared here very soon!

  • Intake
  • 2 days of training, including lunch and drinks
  • Extensive Lencioni Workbook + extra Lencioni in-depth appendices (in Word)
  • Lencioni Toolkit
  • Certificate
  • 30 cardboard Lencioni Pyramids in NL or ENG
  • One hour follow-up coaching with the Lencioni expert (Tom Van Dorst)
  • One Lencioni “Team Assessment” for your own team trajectory, in your own branding (worth 490 euros)
  • Personal Lencioni “5 Behaviours Teammember Assessment” (worth 180 euros)
Your Results
  • You know who Lencioni is and you know his most successful books and insights.
  • You know the Lencioni Pyramid very thoroughly and can use it for different types of teams.
  • You know and can use a number of powerful and typical Lencioni exercises in each of the 5 layers and apply them as a coach.
  • You know and can use the most commonly used additional Lencioni tools.
  • You may use these tools without limit.
  • You will receive a printed syllabus with an overview of our full Lencioni expertise.
  • From then on you will receive a monthly Lencioni Newsletter with extra insights, exercises, …
Training Programme

  • You will receive a written intake to properly map out your expectations
  • You will receive an email + link to complete the Lencioni “Team Assessment”
  • You will receive an email + link to the personal Lencioni assessment “5 Behaviours Team member Assessment”
  • Who is Patrick Lencioni and his Table Group.
  • His most successful books, insights and connections with each other.
  • Our Trixolutions membership with The Table Group – what exactly does that mean?
  • Thoughts of the Lencioni Pyramid from “The 5 Dysfunctions of Teamwork”.
  • Pyramid Layer 1 – “Trust”
  • Pyramid Layer 1 – Which Lencioni exercises are available for a team coach and how to use them?
  • Pyramid Layer 2 – “Respectful Conflicts”
  • Pyramid Layer 2 – Which Lencioni exercises are available for a team coach and how to use them?
  • Exercises by day 2.
  • Pyramid Layer 3 – “Team Commitment”
  • Pyramid Layer 3 – Which Lencioni exercises are available for a team coach and how to use them?
  • Pyramid Layer 4 – “Accountability”
  • Pyramid Layer 4 – Which Lencioni exercises are available for a team coach and how to use them?
  • Pyramid Layer 5 – “Result Orientation”
  • Pyramid Layer 5 – Which Lencioni exercises are available for a team coach and how to use them?
  • How to deploy Lencioni in decentralised or virtual teams?
  • Toolbox for a Lencioni Team coach
    • The complete Lencioni “Team” Assessment
    • The personal Lencioni assessment “5 Behaviours Team member Assessment”
    • The Lencioni intake and outake
    • Marketing material such as the cardboard Lencioni Pyramids
    • How to build bridges with other models
      • Insights/Disc/MBTI/Lumina
      • Deep Democracy
      • Holacracy
      • Thomas & Kilmann
      • Tuckman Team Development Stages
  • You can schedule an hour of personal follow-up coaching with the trainer (Tom).
  • You will receive a Lencioni Newsletter every month for 12 months with new and additional exercises, summaries of Lencioni Podcasts and insights from the Lecnioni CAPA PRO Academy.
  • You can use the full digital Lencioni Team Assessment 1 time, with your own logo, worth 490€.
Your Trainer

Tom Van Dorst

Also owner of Trixolutions. Tom is an experienced dynamic trainer/coach who guides companies, teams and individuals to leave their comfort zone. He uses the ability to quickly build trust with his participants and coachees to help people learn new competencies.

He is an expert in three major soft skills domains: management and team coaching, communication, and consultancy skills. He was already able to deploy this ideal mix in small and large companies in various sectors. Tom is an experienced all-rounder and is happy to pass his experience on to you

Read What People Have to Say About Us

Below are some nice reactions from participants who have already followed this training:

“Very well brought in this new format and circumstances. I have learned a lot from it.”

“Tom, you are a passionate trainer, as I have already said in the past.”

“Under the circumstances, this training turned out to be very good. It was very intense and tiring, but also very educational. All in all, a good way to learn the material, by a passionate trainer who inspires!”

“Completely met my expectations in terms of content and enthusiasm. Superb ‘lead’ by Tom which made timing, interaction, balance between theory and practice, information flow, etc… really great.”

“In addition to the interesting topic, also a super conversion from live session to virtual session, with really a lot of interaction between the participants.”

“I thought it was a very interesting training. Tom’s enthusiasm about his subject matter is contagious.”

“Inspiring and interesting session – thank you!”

After registration you will receive an invoice. Note: your participation is only final after payment. If we do not reach the minimum number of participants, the training will be cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded.

Any questions? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting with the trainer, Tom Van Dorst.