The benefits of e-learning are becoming more and more known.

  • Flexibility – participants choose when and where they learn.
  • Asynchronous – participants no longer need to be all together to learn
  • Scalability – 50 or 150 participants? Does not matter.
  • Cost effective – a one-time investment is quickly earned back
  • Time saving – no more travel time, no more repetitive recurring tasks and initiatives
  • Tailored learning – easily adaptable to different types of target groups
  • Learning becomes more fun – it is no longer a secret that certainly the younger generation prefers digital learning
  • Performance overview – we can measure what, where and how participants have learned
  • Interactive – you wouldn’t expect it immediately, but e-learning can be interactive with exercises, quizzes, exams, …
  • Visual – the visual aspect makes it easier to capture the material

Our learning architects and instructional designers seek the ideal mix between multimedia and interaction, between learning and experimenting, between watching and doing, between learning and practicing.

We develop a unique tailor-made learning concept for each project, which fits exactly with the target group and the learning objective.

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Video & animation

Video is king! And animation is queen! Or is it the other way around? Anyway, we love both.

The possibilities of video are almost endless. With video you show learning situations that are taken from real life: an important procedure, the operation of a machine, the most successful sales techniques …

Where video falls short, animation reigns supreme. A difficult concept suddenly becomes crystal clear in a short animation. A complex situation is visually abstracted into a manageable result. And if something has to be on fire, we prefer to do it in an animation.

Whether it will be an e-learning with instructive video, filmed by our live action specialists, or with a cool animation, made by our motion graphic designers, we of course look at that together.

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LMS Platforms

The numbers tell the tale! If you want to monitor the ROI of your learning trajectories, then an LMS is a must-have. You don’t have one? Don’t worry, we will make one or use a Cloud LMS to offer you the same benefits.

Following learning processes easily and flexibly, managing registrations the way you want, results in a nice overview? No problem! Whether it concerns an existing Learning Management System, an LCMS, an LRS or a tailor-made mini-LMS, our developers map out the needs and wishes and provide professional advice.

The result? An implementation that is made for you: simple, clear and affordable. With SSO or a link with the CRM if desired.

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