In a world full of technology, we, as humans, are going to make a difference.
After all, human skills cannot be adopted by technology. This is where people start to make a difference in companies and organisations. In addition to all automation and digitisation, this should also be the primary focus of companies. Putting people first so that innovation can be supported. Creativity is a foundation for innovation

Examples of training modules are:

Module 1

  • What is creativity?
  • How does a creation/creative process work ?: model(s)
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Concrete techniques

Module 2

  • Triple of creativity – leadership – change

Module 3

  • Team leadership – 3 roles you can use

Module 4

  • Developing work climate for creativity (10 dimensions of Ekvall)
  • My role as a facilitator of initiative/creativity
  • Applying concrete creativity techniques on your own work situation


Possibilities (digital) training and coaching

Offline (Covid-19 proof)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours
  • Half day workshop
  • Training journey

Online (Platform ZOOM, TEAMS or VEDAMO)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Half day workshop in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Learning Journey

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