Behavioural Flexibility

Your glasses are not those of someone else’s. Knowing and being able to apply behavioural flexibility ensures more effective cooperation and optimal functioning.

The 3 main methods for teaching this behavioural flexibility are:

1/ Insights Discovery

The colour language is based on the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist introduced the concept of psychological preferences. Insights links those preferences to 4 colours. They give you an appealing insight into your own reactions and behaviour and help you to understand why other people show completely different behaviour.

As significant as a person’s first colour is, a person’s second, third and lowest colour can also determine his behaviour. Everyone uses all 4 Insights colours, but the specific order and intensity of the colours differs per person: we all have our own unique colour mix.



The DISC model is a variant of Insights Discovery and also a widely used and easy to understand method that provides insight into the behaviour of people. It not only provides insight into your own behaviour, strengths and pitfalls… also that of others. That is very valuable, because it allows you to approach people the way THEY want to be approached. You know how to put yourself in the shoes of the other and that takes you much further together: the mutual relationship and communication improve enormously. And that also results in less frustration and negative energy.

Knowledge of the DISC method helps trainers, coaches, consultants, career counsellors, HR managers, recruitment and selection staff to better guide their discussion partners in taking the next step. By using DISC, they give their respondents a good picture of themselves, teach them to recognise the style of another and to respond to it in an effective way.



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the more complex variant and is also an instrument that allows people to gain in-depth insight into their own personality style and that of others. This creates an understanding and appreciation for the differences between personality types and enables teams and team members to collaborate more effectively, improve communication and reduce conflict



Trixolutions is accredited to guide and provide training in these three variants for you.

Possibilities (digital) training and coaching

The above insights, methods and exercises can be offered to you in the following formats:

Offline (Covid-19 proof)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours
  • Half day workshop
  • Training journey

Online (Platform ZOOM, TEAMS or VEDAMO)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Half day workshop in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Learning Journey

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