“The 6 Types of Working Genius”


The 6 Types of Working Genius


Too many people in this world work against their will because they do not know their personal and inner capabilities. As a result, they do not do the work that gives them energy and pleasure and they end up in jobs and projects that tire and demotivate them. Actually this is a downright tragedy for 2 aspects:

First, it causes people to lose confidence and enjoyment in life, which is a disaster for them, of course, but also for their family and friends. And actually for society as a whole. This alone is actually awful.

Second, organisations and teams that fail to tap into the personal intrinsic capabilities of their team members will never come close to deploying and achieving the full potential of those employees. They will continue to have doubts about not achieving the goals, effectiveness, commitment and job satisfaction of those people.

And what actually completes the disaster is that all of this can be avoided…

The solution is that everyone, employees, managers, students,… discover their intrinsic working abilities as well as the abilities that they do not naturally possess and therefore will always cost energy. To connect in that way with the right “Working Genius”!

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About Trixolutions and Patrick Lencioni

Trixolutions is exclusively CAPA PRO accredited and therefore a member of Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group. Together we are dedicated to giving employees more fulfillment by making organisations healthier. Trixolutions has worked with hundreds of senior executives and their teams in organisations. Through his work as a best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni has pioneered the organisational health movement. Trixolutions is very proud to be able to work directly with him.


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