Trusted Advisor – Advanced

You know that the ultimate competitive advantage of advisors, consultants and relationship managers does not lie in expertise, strategic skills or intelligence. But rather in the ability to quickly build up a solid confidence. After all, that is the indispensable basis, pillar and breeding ground to be successful.

Trixolutions is specialised in the past 10 years as “Trust Builders”, passing on our expertise in training and coaching programs.

We start with a Trust Ratio Assessment in which the participant receives feedback on his/her strengths/pitfalls on the 4 pillars of the ‘Formula of Trust’ (The Trusted Advisor, D. Maister).
We then continue working with the different building blocks of a “Trusted Advisor”, for example:


  • Your Trust Pitch?
  • Understanding trust needs.
  • Risk builds confidence.
  • How do you go from tactic to strategy?
  • As Trusted Advisor at CxO Level.
  • How to deal with ‘politics’ at your customer?
  • “Getting Naked” by P. Lencioni.

Possibilities (digital) training and coaching

The above insights, methods and exercises can be offered to you in the following formats:

Offline (Covid-19 proof)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours
  • Half day workshop
  • Training journey

Online (Platform ZOOM, TEAMS or VEDAMO)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Half day workshop in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Learning Journey

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