Deep Democracy

The new generation of leaders increasingly realises that genuine listening, cooperation, diversity, respectful conflicts and synergy are really important for sound and supported decision-making

The model

The essence of leadership and cooperation is being able to deal with differences. Differences are the energy source of development. Organisations create value when they leverage input from different experts. This requires an “orientation” on the “whole”, without losing sight of the importance of the “part”. Leaders then face the challenge of connecting possible essential differences. How do you build a basis of trust from which a decision can be taken together?

It requires a leader to learn to deal constructively with differences. Not simple. We find the “other” difficult, because it also confronts us with the fact that things can be done differently. After all, your way of thinking is not the only correct one. If you are not completely sure of yourself, these differences become threatening. Then there is a temptation to use power, hierarchy and politics to reduce those differences, destroying the strength and wisdom of the group. Because differences don’t disappear, they go underground. There will be an undercurrent of complaining. From negativity, from gossip at the coffee machines. We can only solve this through inclusion, diverse debate, collaboration and synergy.

  • Collect angles
  • Find the alternative
  • Spread the alternative
  • Add minority wisdom
  • Working with the undercurrent

Possibilities (digital) training and coaching

The above insights, methods and exercises can be offered to you in the following formats:

Offline (Covid-19 proof)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours
  • Half day workshop
  • Training journey

Online (Platform ZOOM, TEAMS or VEDAMO)

  • Personal coaching
  • Inspiration session of 1,5 hours in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Half day workshop in our Trixolutions Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Learning Journey

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