(Digital) Training in “Coaching”

Creating Commitment

Committed, enthusiastic and loyal employees are a key factor in the growth and health of teams and organisations. But all the more difficult to increase this when it’s simmering. The costs of team member that are not committed cannot be underestimated and therefore cannot be ignored.

  • The model
  • Anonymity
  • Irrelevance
  • Immeasurement
  • Training and Coaching

The Ideal Team Player

What makes the well-known Lencioni model so powerful and so difficult is the required combination of 3 unique characteristics in a person. Even when one of the three is missing, teamwork becomes significantly more difficult and sometimes even impossible.

  • The model
  • Humble
  • Motivated
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Assessment
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Deep Democracy

The new generation of leaders increasingly realises that genuine listening, cooperation, diversity, respectful conflicts and synergy are really important for sound and supported decision-making.

  • The model
  • Collect angles
  • Find the alternative
  • Spread the alternative
  • Add minority wisdom
  • Working with the undercurrent
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